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I don't have a C64 but your adaptation looks very close to the arcade, with a new level layout and scrolling. Very well done

Thanks for appreciating! :)

Very nice game with perfect gameplay as usual. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 00:45:43. 🙂


Thank you!

Seems to load on a kung fu flash, but just got a black screen with an sd2iec.

Unfortunately I don't have a real C64 that I can test against.

When you load the game with an sd2iec, doesn't even show the introduction screen asking to press fire to continue?

No just black screen. It doesn't load at all.  

The game is great btw!

I really should have a real C64 to try and find out where the problem lies.

Anyway, thanks for enjoying the game!

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The best arcade conversion for the C64 I have ever seen. All the additional level you put into this classic game is awesome. I played the original games in the early 80s so again what you have done is fantastic.

I'm really happy to receive such positive reviews, thank you!

I spent an entire afternoon playing BAGMAN to go through all eight stages, discovering in spite of myself that after the eighth level, the game continues indefinitely? At the thirteenth screen, now exhausted, the reset was triggered. Although I have always hated games without a real ending since I was a child, I really enjoyed this BAGMAN, which I find divine programmed, clean, challenging but not impossible. Playing I experienced the distinct sensation of being in the arcade in the 80s, a sensation that few games are able to convey as BAGMAN does.

I'm glad you find the game positive, even if it lacks an ending. On the other hand, the arcade games of the 80s were conceived in this way. The goal was not to be able to finish them but to score as many points as possible hoping to enter the top ten.

As far as I'm concerned, if a game doesn't have an ending, I'm setting myself the goals. For example, in the case of Bagman Comes Back, the goal would be to complete 16 levels on the Hard difficulty level, after which I am satisfied and can move on to something else.

However, I will eventually take into account your observation for the next version of Bagman that... But I don't want to add more!

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excellent. bonus points for not trying to make money from it.


Thank you. ;)

This is quite possibly the BEST arcade port in the history of Commodore 64 ports.  I absolutely love this game, and cannot wait to see what else LC Games has in store for all of us #RetroGaming fans in 2022!  Check out my game play video and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you are so inclined! Final score 333,520 on NORMAL settings.

Thank you!

very good

I never played the original game - but this one is very very nice. Congratulations .-)

Il gioco originale ha un unico stage diviso in 3 schermate fisse (niente scrolling) mentre questa versione ha 8 stage (con scrolling) completamente nuovi. Per il resto la dinamica è pressoché identica.
Comunque grazie per i complimenti, mi fa davvero piacere!

ah - se quella dinamica non c'era in origine, un motivo in più per congratularmi con te .-)

Hi Luca, this is superb, congratulations! Just played an hour with my 16-year old son and we've had lots of fun! :-) This is an excellent conversion in every aspect and I really do hope there will be a sales-version with box etc. one day (for the collector in me) which I would buy immediately. Thanks for the great work to all involved!

Thank you very much for the compliments! I am really pleased and they are an incentive to continue on this path.

Some time ago, someone proposed me to make physical copies (with relative box) of my games, including those for Windows, but then nothing was done because of the copyright. Even though the original games are several years old, the producers still own the rights today, so an official sale of my clones is not possible, sorry.

very good

Nice game that brings the spirit of the 80s back to life. I have released a longplay from it:

I'm glad you like the game. I saw your video. Well done! You've cleared all 8 stages without even using tricks like stun the guards by dropping bags on them or placing the wheelbarrow on the ladders as they go up.

Thanks. I mainly used savestates between the levels. Only after the video footage was finished I realized that I wasn't dropping a single bag on the guards. This wasn't even intended.

OK, now I understand. :)

Thanks for your great work, its fantastic to see if any old good games are coming again! :) Bagman Comes Back

Fantastic game Luca, congratulations, really enjoying it!

very good


Thanks to everyone for the compliments! I hope the game can give you a few hours of fun.

Dig Dug next?

The C64 version of the 1982 from Namco seems to me already well done, and I honestly don't think I could do better. However, I have other priorities at the moment, sorry.

¡Perfect conversion! ¡Great!

Very nice!

Looks sweet. Thank you very much

Sono sicuro che piacerà a tutti, ciao...

Speriamo sia così! Grazie, Stefano!!!

Perfect conversion of a great game!

Woaw !! Thank you so much !! 😀

Wow! Cool conversion!

Many thanx!