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I only know the Arcade-version of Bagman, which I really loved - but could only play once until they took away the machine ... Later I played it on MAME again. So this port is highly welcome! Great work again!


Hi Luca! I'm your omonimus (but older than you ๐Ÿ˜ช) I really appreciated your work on Bagman C64, one of my preferred games. Why you don't try to do the same with Skizophrenia? I loved really much that game and it deserves a nice restoration!

Hi. The games I have cloned/ported to Windows first and then to C64 are the ones that marked my childhood and that I am fond of. Making them gave me a lot of satisfaction. Honestly, I didn't even know about the existence of Skizophrenia and therefore it is not among those of my interest, sorry. Anyway, now I'm carrying out another project, again for C64.

bagman comes back bagman comes back

yes... yes

very good


Many thanx!

very good

I had written a remake in 2010. That one is soo great because of all the custom levels & scrolling. Also seems 1:1 in terms of gameplay. Very well done.

Thank so much!

Love it all! Great work!

Many thanx

Big Smiles, Love it

Glad you like it!

I feel like i was in 1979.
Thank you

I like programming these kinds of games because it allows me to take a pleasant dip in the past. Nice memories! Good times!