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Game locks up after Pressing Fire to Start on Win7 64-bit. Anyone else experience this on later versions of Windows?

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Same problem with H.E.R.O. Is Back 2.

Tutankham Returns, Pac-Mazing, and Marietto work.

Yes, you're right! Download both HERO is Back and HERO is Back 2 again. Let me know...

Awesome works now with your updated file!


I want to play it on my Commodore 64 !๐Ÿฅณ

Others have asked me too but it's not planned, not for now at least

Give me on C64

I was just going to post that question as well. LOL Then again, I recall asking for Dig Dug for the C64 and was told similarly that it wasn't planned as the original C64 version was good. Then recently Dig Dug Revival came out for the C64, so there is always HOPE! :) At least I hope for a C64 version of this game! :)

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How f****** gorgeous of you! This is some lovely work. Thanx galore. It made my day! /.-) - And there are NEW labyrinthic levels!! 

Small critics: The bomb appears a tad too quickly when one moves the gamepad downwards. The original was intentively delayed a bit. On the sounddesign-things of life I'd rather pitch the rotor-sound a tad down and make it less loud - but the explosion much higher in volume. You can basically swith their loudness-values ... 

Hi, I think a modern gamepad is not the best to use. In my opinion the keyboard is better, or, of course, a real joystick. However, you can always move the gamepad diagonally, in the escape direction and down so you don't waste time when you step away from the dynamite.

Regarding the sounds, I recorded them directly from the VICE emulator, so the volume of the sounds should be as in the original. However, these are small things and by now I consider the project completed so I will not put my hand to it, unless there are important bugs. Also I'm working hard on other projects now, sorry.

Anyway, thanks for apprecciating the game !!!

I completely understand! Also, I was refering to the Atari 800 XL-version (which is the one I have been playing for ages).

Btw: Hero Is Back 2 is fantastic!!!


very good

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Cool! And now please port it to back to C64. ;-)

It would be great, if I could.

As you already did some C64 ports meanwhile, may this one get a C64 release now, too?

I've already had various requests for other games, but I have other projects to pursue. Projects for C64!

That's the curse of good work. ;-)

This is true!