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Awesome game as always. I just noticed though that Pacmazing, Lady Pac, and Random Pac don't count the power pellets to complete the maze. I believe all three in the arcade required the power pellets to be eaten to complete the mazes. Just not sure if that's a feature or oversight. Still love all three regardless!

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In fact, it was my precise choice not to count the power pellets towards completing a level. I hope it can be considered a negligible difference compared to the arcades and that the games are still enjoyable.

Oh, I love your versions! They are a massive improvement over the arcade! The graphics, procedural mazes, and bonus levels... all genius! I honestly didn't mean to detract from that, it was just an observation... I had to go back to the original just to check and it was more of a curiosity, not a critique.

Happy to hear that! ;)

I have only just found this game and thank you so much for it. The effort that you've put into it is clear to see.

I have a Facebook group, Multi Retro Mania and would like to put a post about it on there, to promote it for you, if you would like me to?

Please let me know :)

Thanks for appreciating my work!

Regarding the post on Facebook, I have nothing against it, in fact I would like it.

Thanks again!

No problem, I will gladly promote it for you :D

Is my Facebook group if you would like to see the post I put :D

A thousand thanks! Extra publicity never hurts.

Glad to help in any way I can :D

Fantastic! Thank you for Linux support!

Don't mention it!

Another person points out to me that on Linux the controller is a bit unresponsive. Unfortunately I have no way to test the game on a real Linux. If you use a controller, could you tell me how it works for you?


This looks stunning!. I would like to ask for a native Linux release as well, perhaps with an Appimage binary/executable?. I would also like to suggest doing something similar to the amazing Pac Man Arrangement game (1996).

As well as Mario Bros (1983, Arcade) and Cosmo Gang (1992, Arcade). These three games are among the best ever in my opinion!.

Sorry but I most likely won't make any more PC games, given the little interest that revolves around them. For example, in three years Pac-Mazing has been downloaded 1300 times (they are not very few but could be many many more) but above all I received donations for just 9 dollars! People probably don't realize that it takes months to carry out games like this, and the small amount of donations is certainly not an incentive to continue on this path.

Hmm I will say that it was difficult for me to find Pac-Mazing in the first place. I was trying to find perfect ports of Pac-Mania for my PC for a week and a half or so, and it wasn't until two days ago when I finally discovered this game. I think if knowledge of this game spreads more, you will have more people download as well as donate to you. Us Linux gamers are also very passionate, we tend to highlight and promote native versions of games all the time.

Hi, now I have the possibility to compile the game for Linux. I have these three options: linux-x64, linux-arm, linux-arm64. Which of these platforms should I compile the game for, in your opinion?

Linux-x64 for sure. The ARM ones are only if you're interested in supporting single board computers, such as the Raspberry Pi.

Didn't buy this one yet (not a fan of Pac-Mania), but after trying Random Pac, Lady Pac and Dig Dug revival for some time, I just bought all three for all in all more than 9 dollars ;-) !

Great, great new versions of classics, I now play your versions by default. They're extremely well thought and balanced, a joy to play. Thank you.

Thank You very much! Your ratings and donations are truly appreciated.

Thanks again! ;)

Have you ever considered making a clone of Pac-Man 256 without all the grind elements, as a pure arcade scoring affair with random elements, like you usually do? It could be a C64 game. You have all the expertise to do it.

I'd buy it day one. Pac-Man 256 has a great foundation, but the grinding and missions destroy its gameplay, making it a tedious unbalanced slog.


Thanks for the video! Just remember that you can jump and vault over ghosts.


Brilliant job here - thank you for this, this is my tribute...

Thank you! Video as always appreciated!

I made a video on your game (11:30)


Thank you so much!

Awesome new version ! Luca, always count with Golden Arcade  Games for publishing your latest arcade game version ( ) A video to honor your work.

Many thanks for the video!

I love your Pac-Mania fan-game, but can you add something that is much more accurate to the og Pac-Mania like, adding a second Spunky/Chunky, the stage becoming Grayscale before Pac-Man dies and lose a life, and etc. So yeah.

Sorry but for me this project has been closed for a long time, and anyway these are irrelevant details. Also, the fact that in 3 years the game has been downloaded 1000 times and that I have received donations for only 8 dollars is certainly not an incentive to improve it.

Oh ok.

cool new mazes

I'm glad you appreciate!

Found this while looking for more games like Pac-Mania, and oh my god I had so much fun! Thanks for making this!


I'm very glag you appreciate!