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This game is a C64 port of Dig Dug, an arcade game developed by Namco in 1982.

This version includes the levels from the original arcade game. There are therefore 15 different levels of which the last 4 are repeated until reaching level 256 (the kill screen). If, however, you are interested in a less repetitive and therefore more stimulating version of the game, try Dig Dug Revival, where the levels are procedurally generated and are always different from each other and from game to game. You can download it from https://lowcarb.itch.io/dig-dug-revival-c64.

The game works perfectly on both PAL and NTSC models of the Commodore 64.


Dig Dug is a maze video game. Controlling the titular character, the player's objective is to eliminate the enemies on each screen; these being Pookas, red tomato-like creatures with comically large goggles, and Fygars, green dragons that can breathe fire. Dig Dug can defeat these enemies by using a bike pump to inflate them with air until they explode, or by crushing them under large falling rocks. Bonus points are awarded for squashing multiple enemies with a single rock, and dropping two rocks in a round will cause a bonus item to appear in the middle of the screen, which can be eaten for points. Once all the enemies have been defeated, Dig Dug will progress to the next round.

The enemies can travel through solid dirt to reach the player, where only their eyes will be shown. Inflated enemies pose no threat to the player, allowing Dig Dug to pass through them without harm.

The game will play a short jingle when Dig Dug moves, abruptly stopping when he becomes idle.

If the player takes too long to clear a round, the enemies will become faster and much more aggressive, indicated by a short jingle.

Later rounds feature variations in the color of the dirt, while increasing the movement speed of the enemies.

At 20000 points and then every 50000 points (70000 for the Expert difficulty level; 90000 for the Master difficulty level), the player earns an extra life, for a maximum of 7 lives.


There are 5 difficulty levels to choose from: Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert, Master.


Joystick in port 2.

Joystick lever = Move Dig Dug in the four directions.
Fire button = Use the pump.

While playing, press F7 to pause or F1 to stop the game and go back to the title screen.

While the best scores are showing, press F1 to reset the ranking.

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Tags2D, Arcade, Commodore 64, dig-dug, maze, Pixel Art, Remake, Retro, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Joystick


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Very good arcade conversion, thank you. I also added that to my New Games On C64 from January 2024 -video too.

Thank you so much!

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Very nice arcade conversion, as always from you. Our German-language review can be found at 02:06:50. 🙂


Thanks one more time!

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Very Good Conversion👍 

K&A Plus like your games 😁


Retro Chlop ✌️😎

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Thanks for appreciating and for the video!

Nice game !

Thank you so much!

Deleted 30 days ago

Let’s have H.E.R.O. Revival next!! 

To tell the truth, they've asked me several times but it's not in the plans, at least not for the moment.

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I played Dig Dug und Dig Dug Revival multiple hours. I love this game. The whole family love this game.

One question I have always in mind is that I thought the dragon is able to blast the fire though a small peace of ground. Yesterday I saw an arcade (I think not an original one) and I was able to confirm that the dragen was able to blast the fire through the ground.

Is it planed to change the behaviour in your version or am I wrong and the fire is not able to fire through.

First of all, thank you for liking the game.

Yes, you're right, in the original version the dragons are able to breathe fire beyond thin walls but in my versions I avoided this behavior which I don't consider correct, because in my opinion if there is a wall, however thin, nothing should pass through it.

Nice. It would be cool if all these games offered original and new levels in one game (file).

Sorry but it was my very specific choice to create distinct versions for the arcade levels and the procedurally generated levels. Let's say I consider Dig Dug Revival the sequel to Dig Dug.

Thank you very much for all your efforts. I love the old arcade classics and your versions outdo the originals from back in the day on the C64. I especially love the versions you release with extra levels and feature. Top notch! Thanks Again!

I'm really happy that you appreciate my work! Thank you!


Happy to hear that!

Good job, thanks for making games on this platform!


Thank you so much.

Another great game, fantastic effort 

Glad you like it!


Thanks one more time!

Nice job !

I'm glad you apprecciate!