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Great game! Nice to have the difficulty option, and the more monsters option is INSANE! = DD Randomization is exactly what Dig Dug needed to avoid feeling oppressive, now you go into each round looking forward to what new challenges it will bring. I've already seen plus-shaped caves, and caves stacked one on top of of the other. : D And so far it hasn't done that mean thing regular Dig Dug does of spawning monsters exactly on top of each other so you go to inflate what you think is a lone monster and a second pops out from right on top of it and kills you--hasn't happened here. : )


Congratulations for noticing this detail. In my version I thought it appropriate to "correct" this behavior of the original game by preventing overlapping enemies that could make the player believe that there is only one.

An excellent idea that I heartily applaud; a great touch. : ) Also I noticed the little musical piece that plays when the player character enters round 1 in your game is slightly different and more jingly than the original arcade version (or at least, the version of that one on PS4)--very subtle but again a nice difference. : )


That jingle is not my "merit". It is exactly that of the original arcade version.

Interesting! Perhaps it's just that the Arcade Archives emulator plays it back slightly differently.

Since nobody else has posted a video I guess I'll post mine (I don't want to spam your games too much with my silly videos ^ _^) because this game rules!


Your videos are definitely welcome!

Very well done. Brought back good memories. I will be playing this a lot.

Thank you!


Glad you like it.

I've got a decent computer from just a few years back, and this thing runs at one frame every 3 seconds.  I am very confused.

The game works flawlessly on much older computers and even on Linux via the Wine interface.
You should check if OpenGL drivers are installed on your pc and if so you could try to update them.

You never answered me. Download the latest version and let me know if anything has changed.

Sorry.  It is working great now.  I'm sorry I never replied.  Thank you! :)

Very good! Thank you for letting me know. :)

I'll buy this in an instant if it gets a C64 release. I love Dig Dug but the current Dig Dug ports to C64 are mehhhh,,,,.,,,

The C64 version of the 1982 from Namco didn't look that bad to me. What are the negative points, in your opinion?

very good

Great game. Any chance for a Commodore 64 version?


The C64 version of the 1982 from Namco seems to me already well done, and I honestly don't think I could do better. However, I have other priorities at the moment, sorry.

Conversione di grandissima qualità. Complimenti davvero !

Ti ringrazio molto per i complimenti. Mi fa veramente piacere!

Thanks, I love the portability, simple use and quick loading of your games!

I'm glad you appreciate.