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Very well done. Brought back good memories. I will be playing this a lot.

Thank you!

Glad you like it.

I've got a decent computer from just a few years back, and this thing runs at one frame every 3 seconds.  I am very confused.

The game works flawlessly on much older computers and even on Linux via the Wine interface.
You should check if OpenGL drivers are installed on your pc and if so you could try to update them.

I'll buy this in an instant if it gets a C64 release. I love Dig Dug but the current Dig Dug ports to C64 are mehhhh,,,,.,,,

The C64 version of the 1982 from Namco didn't look that bad to me. What are the negative points, in your opinion?

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I can tell some of the disadvantages of the old Namco-version on the C64. First of all - it's not a bad game, but it has some weak points, which kills the fun a little bit. These things should be improved in this old version:

(1) the overall-speed is to slow, especially on a PAL-C64. The version for NTSC-C64 machines plays better when it comes to this, but even this version is slower than the Arcade version of the game

(2) the game is much easier on the C64, because of the slower speed and also, because the difficulty of the levels stops increasing, after a while and then, when a good player make no mistakes, he can play this version nearly endlessly and this leads to the next bad thing, described in the next point

(3) because the gameplay is easier, compared to the Arcade-version, it's possible then for skilled players, to nearly always reach the score of 999.999 and after this value, the score in the C64 version unfortunately starts from 0 again, which is a very big motivation-killer. Here it would be very good, to have one more digit in the score-display, that would allow values up to 9.999.999. To reach such a score, the player would play over 10 hours, so i think, this would be good enough, cause nobody plays so long in a row. But a score of 999.999 can be reached after 1,5 hours, therefore the score-display should have at least one digit more

(4) in the PAL-version, it looks, like the player-sprite can move faster in left/right direction and he is a little bit slower in up/down direction. This is a problem of the PAL screen-ratio, because the PAL picture is a little bit squeezed in height (compared to the NTSC picture on C64) and it seems, that this game was developed on a NTSC machine. Therefore, when the game is played on PAL C64 machines, with this squeezed picture-height, it looks now, like the playersprite is slower in up/down direction, but this sprite should have the same speed in all four directions, like it is in the Arcade version. The player-sprite should either be made a little bit faster in his up/down moving-speed, or alternatively, the whole level-graphics should be stretched in height a little bit, to look similar to the NTSC-picture, cause then also the up/down moving-speed would be adjusted to the left/right speed.

That's the points, where the C64-version of "Dig Dug" could/should be improved and that came to my mind, at the moment.

Then one word to your version here for the PC. Really good conversion and very close to the Arcade original. Nice.

1) Regarding the speed, I noticed there is a programming error. In the original game, Dig Dug has two speeds: when it digs (slower) and when it moves freely in the tunnels (faster). In the C64 version, often the speed is not corrected and Dig Dug moves slowly (as if digging) even when moving in the tunnels. This causes the character's speed to be slower than the original even in NTSC.

2) Surely this is something that could have been thought better. Another thing I noticed, is that when you drop a stone in the original version, the enemies reverse direction and run away. In the C64 version this does not happen, so it is easier to crush the enemies and easier the game.

3) An extra digit for the score would certainly have been a must.

4) Regarding the aspect of the game and the differences between PAL and NTSC, the matter is a bit complicated. The visible part of the C64 screen is 200 lines high, both in PAL and NTSC. It would therefore not be possible to make a stretched version for PAL over NTSC. The problem is hardware. It must also be considered that the screen of the arcade version is 224x288 pixels (in fact the screen is rotated vertically) while the C64 has a 320x200 pixel screen. The creators of the C64 version have chosen to "stretch" the graphics of the original game to fit the C64 screen size. In this way, not only the aspect of the game is enlarged and squashed vertically, but also the speed of the characters is greater horizontally than vertically. Instead, the version for C64 could have been thought of with a different perspective. For example, the screen could have been kept as the original game of 224x288 pixels, using scrolling to move across the entire playing field vertically, as ArlaSoft did with his recently released version of Pac-Man for C64.

As you said and as I always thought, the old version for C64 is not that bad, but it actually could have been done better.

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Namco had missed their chance a little bit, in my opinion with this old port. Technically it should have been no problem on a C64, to realize it a bit closer to the Arcade original. But okay, it is what it is. For 1982, the early days of the C64, it was an okay port.

One more comment on point (4) .

As I wrote before, an alternative and easier to realize solution than changing the graphics, could be, to simply make the player-sprite a little bit faster in his up/down movements, compared to the speed in his left/right movements. Then, in connection with the somewhat compressed height of the PAL screen-ratio, the impression would again be given to the player, that his sprite would run at the same speed in all four directions, when this speed-increasing for up/down is adjusted correctly. Of course, the speed of the monsters would also have to be adjusted in parallel then, otherwise it would have bad influence on the whole gameplay, when the player could easily run away from the monsters then. The better solution surely would be, to change the complete level-graphics in the PAL-version, but since this would almost amount to a complete reprogramming of the entire game, the solution with "make the sprite faster for up/down a little bit" would be at least an alternative option, that would also bring an improvement in this point .

The C64 could do with an improved version of the game, so, if you ever have the time and inclination to launch something in that direction, that would be cool, because Dig Dug still is a very popular classic, that has alot of fans.  :)

very good

Great game. Any chance for a Commodore 64 version?

The C64 version of the 1982 from Namco seems to me already well done, and I honestly don't think I could do better. However, I have other priorities at the moment, sorry.

Conversione di grandissima qualità. Complimenti davvero !

Ti ringrazio molto per i complimenti. Mi fa veramente piacere!

Thanks, I love the portability, simple use and quick loading of your games!

I'm glad you appreciate.