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This game works perfectly on both PAL and NTSC models. However, the game was developed and tested on an NTSC model, so it is suggested using the latter.

The game is set inside a spaceship invaded by alien entities that have deactivated the supply batteries necessary for the propulsion of the rockets.
The aim is to guide Mike, the mechanic on board, inside the various power rooms and reactivate the batteries. To activate a battery, the player simply has to touch it on one of the four sides.
The player has the option of moving around the rooms by jumping from battery to battery or by using elevators that move vertically or horizontally. Sometimes there are portals through which the player can teleport to another point in the room.
Mike has no defense against aliens. The only way to complete a level is therefore to avoid them not to lose a life. Even the contact with the cooling fans, present in some rooms, is fatal.
To complicate matters, there is a time limit, after which the player will lose a life.
After activating a certain number of batteries, a crystal will appear for approximately 10 seconds. The player can try to pick it up to increase the score.
Once all the batteries in a room have been activated, the player will earn an extra score based on the amount of time left and will go to the next level.

Every 10000 points the player earns an extra life, for a maximum of 8 lives.

The game includes 70 levels in total. By choosing Ship Layout A, you will play the easiest 35 levels. By choosing Layout B, you will play the 35 most difficult levels. By choosing Layout A+B, you will play all 70 levels.

Joystick left/right: Move Mike
Fire button: Jump
Joystick down: Teleport

While playing, press F7 to pause or F1 to stop the game and go back to the title.

While the best scores are showing, press F1 to reset the ranking.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Arcade, Commodore 64, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Joystick


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This is a great game.  I love all the sound effects and music.  I do wish the teleport was less sensitive.  More than half the time I end up double teleporting and dying. :(

Just to know... do you use a joystick on a real C64 or a joypad/keyboard on a PC with emulator?

old school Atari style joy stick on an ultimate 64 elite. I’ll try it on my c128 and report back.   Honestly could be the joystick is bouncier than most requiring more debounce. 

Thanks for the reply!

It seems similar on my NTSC 128.  Playing with it a bit, I think what's happening is that I'm teleporting then trying to move left or right but still have the stick down slightly.  That triggers another teleport while I'm moving.  Maybe waiting for the down direction to be released before triggering it again would help me.  I'm guessing going left or right is resetting the down detection.

Or I could just "git gud" ;) 

Another interesting thing that happened on my 128 is that the background sound would stop for long stretches during a level and then come back occasionally.  The actual sound effects (jumping, triggering pads, etc) always sounded properly. I went back and tried to reproduce this but was unable to, so maybe my machine/SID just needed to warm up.

Thanks again for the game.  Please, don't feel any obligation to change anything based on my feedback!

I guess it is a joystick issue which is not quite accurate and which causes false contact if the lever is slightly pushed down. I bet that with a Competition Pro (my absolute favorite joystick) the problem does not arise. I can also assure you that moving left or right does not reset the down position of the lever in any way; to teleport a second time you have to release the lever from the down position and then push it down again.

Regarding the other problem, I tried to emulate an NTSC C128 on PC but I didn't find anything strange.

In any case, I'm glad you enjoy the game; I just recommend a more suitable microswitch joystick.

Thanks for the great game! After some work, here is my video with all 70 levels.

Good job !!! Thank you! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Really nice nice and enjoyable game! A nice summer surprise! Thanks a lot! Keep doing it!


I thank everyone for the compliments and for the appreciation shown towards the game.

Grazie a tutti !!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

Un piccolo contributo alla causa...

GiΓ  avevo visto il tuo video su YouTube. Grazie per le belle parole e per la buona pubblicitΓ  che mi stai facendo! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Yet again another superbly highly playable masterpiece! You are genuinely a brilliant programmer and exceptional game designer, many thanks for creating this great game!

Great game !

New game for Commodore 64 by Luca Carminati.


Che bella sorpresa! Titolo tanto semplice nel concetto quanto elegante e  galvanizzante nel gameplay. Gioca un ruolo fondamentale anche l'atmosfera che viene creata tramite il ronzio di fondo della nave e stupendi quanto pulitissimi sfx. Complimenti davvero a LUCA!

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Yes indeed. And this background-noise you mentioned, which improves the atmosphere in the game, also reminds me a bit of the background-noise in the game "Paradroid" (my favorite game on the C64 since my childhood by the way, especially the redux-version is fabulous), because it sounds similar. Like some kind of rotors in work  :-)

Great game, fun to play. Thumbs up!

Super Game 😁

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Nice solid game! It seems the high-scores are only loaded upon start-up, and not immediately after the initials being entered when getting a high-score?

edit: oh wait, I see I have to press F1 :)

edit 2: oh no... that removes them! :)

The high-scores are loaded at the start of the game and then saved each time you get a better score (and after entering your initials). Something wrong with this?

I think it would be better if they would actually update when viewing the high-scores from the main menu, or at least always keep the updated scores in memory.

It is not clear to me where the problem is. As I said, the scores are loaded at the beginning of the game and saved every time you get a better score, so the scores are always updated both in memory and on disk. However, keep in mind that there is a separate ranking for each selected Layout. Could this fact have misled you?

A challenging platformer with nice responsive controls.  Well done!

Awesome game!