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Fantastic! Thank you!

It's a pleasure!

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It's really nice, but it's too fast! Why you don't let me adventure not in a hurry?  I know it's a port of an  arcade game but in this form I don't like it anyway. I hate to run.

Consider that the original arcade version is even more difficult than this. Have you already tried the "Novice" difficulty level?

Nice game! Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 00:37:05. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂


I appreciate, thanx!

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Luca ho l'impressione ci sia qualcosa che non va sulla difficoltà Novice, lo spawn rate dei mostri alla fine del livello 1 mi sembra maggiore che nella modalità Medium. A Novice non riesco quasi mai a finire il livello 1, a Medium lo passo al primo tentativo!

Le uniche differenze fra i vari livelli di difficoltà sono il numero massimo di nemici per ogni stage e la loro velocità. Tra l'altro, al primo stage il numero massimo di nemici è sempre di 5, indipendentemente dal livello di difficoltà. Lo spawn rate dei nemici rimane invece invariato fra un livello di difficoltà e l'altro. Per l'esattezza, i primi 8 nemici si formano ad una frequenza alta (quella che io chiamo "ondata"), mentre i 12 successivi si formano uno ogni 2 secondi. Poi il ciclo ricomincia e si ripete per tutto il resto della partita. Io e mio fratello abbiamo fatto diversi tentativi ai livelli Novice e Medium e non abbiamo notato nulla di strano. Evidentemente, per qualche motivo, quando tu arrivi verso la fine del primo stage al livello Novice ti ritrovi nel mezzo di un'ondata (quindi risulta più difficile), mentre quando ci arrivi al livello Medium ti trovi durante la fase di calma. Io personalmente, quando mi trovo durante un'ondata, oppure quando so che sta per cominciare, mi posiziono in un punto relativamente sicuro e uccido tutti i nemici aspettando che l'ondata passi.

interessante, riproverò facendo caso al numero di nemici distrutti. In ogni caso complimenti per l’ottima conversione 

Ti ringrazio molto!

A fantastic port of the arcade game I loved to hate.  I'm terrible at it, but just find it so difficult not to play.  Only one thing, I found this bug during one of my session (see video at the end of my blog entry)....


So... the game has been heavily tested by three different people and this has never happened. Analyzing the code thoroughly I find nothing wrong. Have you tried my original version or one of the cracked ones?

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Got it right from here.  Played it on WinVice 3.1 x86 (in NTSC mode).  It hasn't happened since, though.  It might have been just a fluke.


Emulators are programs and as such they can contain bugs. Just see the long list of "Known bugs" on the VICE website. Also, version 3.1 is now a bit old, as they have reached 3.6.


Quite right.  Most probably a VICE issue, since you've checked and double checked the game code.

wow :-) I was a fan of Vic20 version - I really liked this port - congratulations .-D

Thanks so much! Grazie mille!

I enjoyed this one - thank you.  Well worth buying...

Thank you very much! And I liked your video!

You could support the two buttons of the Cheetah Annihilator 😊

I have been concerned to only support the vast majority of joysticks, which of course only have one button.

Consider that the original arcade game didn't have two buttons but a second joystick to shoot either left or right.

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arcade goodness 8.5/10

very cool stuff!

Thank you so much for your appreciation of my games!

gracias por el juego

¡Es un placer!

Mamma mia che bravoni i Carminati... :O

Grazie mille, omonimo!

Good work ! Greetings and thanks.

Thank you for appreciation!

It was always really weird that the C64 didn't have a version of this game when Parker Bros brought it to so many other formats, but it was worth waiting the extra 35 years for this stunning recreation. It's got to be in with a shout as the most accurate C64 arcade port ever.

Thank you very much for the compliments!

Guess I’ll be playing on Expert as I’m used to Normal difficulty on the arcade heh…

You have to be a master then! Have fun!

Great work! Regarding the NTSC/PAL speed thing, for Galaxian I just call the game loop twice every 6th frame on PAL. Might be tricky when scrolling is involved but I'm currently working on a game with vertical scrolling and calling the game loop twice seems to work fine. 

Thanks for the compliment and for the speed tip on PAL. It seems like a simple and effective solution, although probably not always applicable. In my case, however, I'm not sure I want to give up the smoothness and regularity of the movement, especially when scrolling is involved. However, I will take this into account eventually for future games.

Yeah, before I implemented it I thought it would be noticeable, but it isn't, even when scrolling. It would seem the brain can't tell an object (or the screen) has moved twice as far in a frame, it just perceives the overall average speed. 

Looks like you're scrolling a big area in this game though so I guess there might not be enough time to copy all the data.

Oh yes, in Tutankham's case it would not be possible for me to apply your "trick" due to the time used by scrolling.

Also, if a sprite moves exactly 1 pixel each frame (like carts or elevators in Bagman Comes Back), I can perceive a less smooth movement if every 6 frames the sprite moves instead of 2 pixels (I just tried).

In some situations, however, I may decide to apply your idea.

Thanks again.

Awesome game!

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I agree. It's a good arcade port after all , and not the X-th SEUCK or Scene-tier "game" full of fecal language or other sh!t (Roysterini, cough cough).

Thanks so much !!!

Ci giocavo sul Vic 20, non pensavo che non ci fosse per il C64 prima di questa release che a prima vista sembra fatta davvero molto bene

Il fatto che questo gioco non ci fosse per il C64 è stato uno dei motivi che mi ha spinto a realizzarlo.

Idea meravigliosa, grazie!


Speriamo sia molto apprezzato, anzi ne sono sicuro.


Grazie per il tifo !!!